Monitor and Scrape fresh data

Stop wasting time checking out websites to see if something has changed.
Every time a webpage changes, Monitoro calls your webhook with the scraped data.

MonitoroStart monitoring for free

Monitoro extension watching elements on an e-commerce website

Create a monitor easily

Use our Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox extensions on your favorite website and select what to monitor, just by clicking.

Monitoro scrapes structured data

Scrape and Transform data

The monitor will run in the cloud and watch the webpage. Using CSS selectors, it extracts structured data, that you can further refine with a Javascript transformation.

Monitoro watches data for changes

Watch data for changes

Data is scraped and transformed based on your plan's frequency, every minute for example, and as long as it doesn't change, nothing happens.

Monitoro sends fresh data to webhooks

Send fresh data to webhooks

When Monitoro detects a change, it sends the new data to the monitor's webhook. It won't notify it otherwise.


On Premise
  • Unlimited monitored pages
  • Frequencies up to 1 second
  • Internal and external webhooks
  • Monitor internal websites
  • Monitor external websites
  • History of data changes
  • Run behind your firewall
  • Kubernetes-friendly
  • AD and SSO integration
  • Audit trail
  • Live support via Chat

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